Max’s story for needs of Private Jet Charter supporting his Crypto Business

The lifestyle of a serial-entrepreneur is often not understood well, and misconceptions surrounding the lavish-expenses are common. What most people who work a 9-5 job will not experience is their time having a direct correlation with their income. For entrepreneurs, like myself, spending a day traveling is hugely inefficient and costs an incredible amount of money as this means that I’ve missed 24 hours worth of business opportunities. For my peers who work a 9-5 job, the time that they are flying abroad usually is on a paid vacation, so their employer is covering their time.

Private jets need about 8 hours to takes me to travel from London to New York.

Those 8 hours converted in raw labor power is eight individual meetings that I could have attended or around three clients that I could close deals. This does not include the time that it takes to arrive at the airport, go through security, and wait at the gate. I find it takes a whole day when I travel long-haul to get settled and resume my work. Unfortunately, not only have I then paid for my flight, but there is a staggering amount of business that I have missed out.

 Since I’m 30,000 ft in the sky and not able to be on the phone or in an office.

Just for short explanation, my business is relating to high-end cryptocurrency mining, and I have to travel to all corners of the world frequently. Let’s say I go once every ten days on a long-haul flight. Over the space of the month, I would be missing three entire days just on traveling. Fortunately, I do not have to spend 24 hours flying and missing out on business opportunities. Instead, I can minimize the traveling time to 9 hours (instead of 24) and work during the entirety of the flight. So you are probably thinking, how is this possible?

My Experience On Private Jets

Well, thanks to the beautiful world of charter jets, I can travel much more efficiently.

The Benefits Of Flying On A Private Jet

Where do the benefits begin? My flight leaves London at 7 am. I arrive at the private airfield at 6:30 am. I only spend half an hour at the private terminal, instead of the mandatory two hours on a commercial flight. Once I arrive at the private terminal, my pilot and baggage get loaded onto the jet while I wait in the hanger. In most hangars, there are luxury seating, restaurants, and sometimes even showers. However, I don’t get too comfortable as I’m only in the garage for around 30-45 minutes maximum.

Once my bags are secure onto the jet, I then get escorted onto the tarmac and onto the plane itself. My pilot and flight attendants greet me, my party then unwind on the aircraft and await takeoff. Typically, flight attendants are only seen on more jumbo jets and long-haul flights as they cannot fit on light jets. Before my plane takes off, I usually get given some refreshments.

Once in the air, the air steward will offer food, drink, and other refreshments to the passengers. I often place food orders in advance; this way, I can have my favorite meal on the flight (typically pasta or seafood). Placing orders in advance is one of the most significant advantages with traveling on private jets; the option to chose your meals and drinks. Not to mention, on long haul flights, the Jambo planes that are used usually have beds and sofas onboard. This makes for a comfortable journey. Before I schedule a trip, I will ensure that the jet I am traveling on has WIFI and a telephone, this way I can carry out my crypto-business while traveling.

Despite a hefty price tag, private jet travel is often the most cost-efficient way for my staff and me to travel. For my flight from London to New York, the cost of travel can be around $90,000 each way. Between the 14 people on board, this equates to approximately $6,500. Its cheaper than many first-class flights to the same destination. Let make the math, if all passengers on the jet are executives in my company.

Starting from the premise that their time is equally as valuable as mine.

To put all of those executives on commercial flights final result will be to would equate to 14 people each losing 24 hours worth of work time. 

So this means that 14 days worth of work would be lost, comparing to well over the $90,000 that is paid for the flight.

The Downsides To Private Jet Travel

The main downside to flying private is the luxury of having a private plane at your disposal.

This makes it seem very mundane when I have to hop on commercial flights. On the odd occasion that I need to fly from London to Sydney, a private jet charter would be too expensive. When I do this flight, I travel business class on a commercial airliner. Despite the lie-flat bed and great champagne, it doesn’t fair up well to the onboard shower and foundation that I am used to on a private jet. This is the only downside to flying on a private charter jet. It is ubiquitous for friends and family to ask to fly private also, but the plane is usually booked with other staff. This is a downside as I then have to explain to my friends that they cannot travel on the jet, which leads to mild sadness on their behalf. I encourage flying on private charter jets if it is economically viable for yourself and company.

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