Private Jet Charter Journey Experience of Rollins and Laurie’s.

Convenience is a significant factor to consider when you want to embark on a private jet charter journey. Using jets tends to reduce stress on the passengers as well as increases convenience. Laurie has always had the vision of flying a private plane for her honeymoon. The dream is finally a reality as her husband Rollins finally makes it come through. The couple who live in New York will be having a three months honeymoon in Las Vegas. This trip will surely create a lasting memory for the couple.

It was their first trip together on a jet, so there was the need to pay good observation of how things are coordinated in the plane while they embark on their private jet charter journey. Some of the noteworthy experiences include:

They had varieties of cuisine available to keep them going.

The couples had a good time together as they had a menu which contains a long list of meals including their favorite tea brand, champagne, and a host of other goodies. It was indeed a moment the couples won’t let go quickly.

Swift delivery was another unique point about the private jet charter journey

The couples came to the location while the jet was already set to move. They got to Las Vegas in no distant time. With aircraft, the couple arrived at their destination on time, and they both loved it.

The company also made provision for their dog pet Gwen with a high level of comfort for her. This provision gave Laurie extra level of happiness as she does not stay a day without her pet talk more of 6 whole months! The private jet charter was the best option for these two and their pet.

Before embarking on the trip, they were allowed to choose their preferred jet

Commercial airlines do not give their customers this treatment. Offering this service gave Laurie and Rollins more interest in selecting the private plane. Every detail of the jet content was explained to the couple before the transaction took place. Since they had the entire aircraft to themselves, the comfort was top notch. Their trip was smooth and fun as the chauffeur came to the tarmac to pick them. The couple saved them from the stress of waiting for long queues at the airport. The couples enjoyed maximum security and comfort.

Laurie was much startled by the features of the jet, and this gave her a new private jet charter story. She had a lot to tell her friends as soon as she returns from her honeymoon. It was indeed a memorable experience that will last for ages. With Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc, the couple had a stress-free private jet charter journey. They made Laurie dreams come through in a grand style. The service was of exceptional quality and very much affordable. The couple was dropped off at Las Vegas, and they boarded a cab to their hotel to commence their honeymoon.

Oh, what a great experience it was!

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