Read how Top Model needs private jet to Ibiza for Vougue

A short introduction about myself. I am a catwalk and editorial model for a well-known Parisian fashion house. My daily routine is to wake up and go to the photo-studio to update my books and shots.

Around once a week, I will be called to a shoot or casting for an extensive campaign. A massive attack may be a tv-advert or editorial about the brand that I represent.

Most of the stalks and castings that I do take place in other countries.

I live in New York City, but I can be flown to remote locations all around the world to snap the perfect image of me. This is my dream job, and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything other than modeling. However, some downsides come with being a well-known model, like myself.

The strict dieting and traveling aspect of the job take the highest toll on my body and mind. It can be quite dangerous for me to go to busy airports, as I get recognized at almost every turn.

Most of the people who know me from my work will ask for a picture or just say hello. Although a small percentage of people will invade my personal space or act in a manner that is threatening or abrasive.

This is one of the reasons why I typically fly on private aircraft. I find the charter jets and helicopters that I hop on to be even more luxurious than first-class on commercial flights.

The dieting side of my work means that I must eat specific meals at specific times and supplement this nutrition with the right amount of sleep. When I was starting out in the modeling world, I found it very difficult to get enough sleep when traveling across the world in an economy seat.

Fortunately, with private jet traveling, I can choose aircraft with a bed onboard. For meals, I inform the air steward of the essential meals that I would like to eat while flying. This way, I get to sleep and consume the right nutrients before an important shoot. By business is conducted through my looks, so I must look as good as possible before arriving at a location.

What Jets Do You Fly On?

As I live in New York City, I tend to travel either very locally for shoots or very far. This means that in the morning, I may need to be in Manhattan, and the next morning I need to be in London or Paris.

As the distance from New York City to London crosses a vast range (the Atlantic Ocean), a jumbo jet is required. These massive jets can take around 14 passengers, each with a large seat and luggage allocation. Before booking a plane, I will ensure that there is a bed on board, with a kitchen also.

If there are a group of models, then they will accompany me on the trip. If it is just myself flying, then I will bring family or friends to join me. It is environmentally irresponsible to operate only one person across the world on their own plane, so I also look for empty leg flights. In the past, I have been flown to a remote island, which requires a midsize jet to refuel multiple times.

Disadvantages To Flying Private

One of the most significant difficulties that I find when flying on a private jet is the lack of interaction with other people. Despite bumping into the occasional over the zealous member of the public at an airport, the majority of people that recognize me are excellent. I enjoy talking to people at the airport very much. When flying first class and business class, I find myself conversing with people that have intriguing stories and experiences. When flying private, you can only talk to the people who you already know and the air steward. On a 14 hour flight, this can get quite tedious. Another disadvantage when flying private is the high cost. Fortunately, I rarely charter the jets myself, and this is organized by the brand or event that is hiring me. Whether it is me paying for the plane or not, it is still a cost that is coming from someone’s pocket. The final issue that comes from private jet travel is the high amount of carbon dioxide that is produced. In the odd occasion that I am the only person traveling on the plane, there is a large plane flying and spewing CO2 for 14 people, but with only one onboard. This is quite worrying for me, as I am a big supporter of climate change initiatives. Commonly, I will choose carbon-neutral charter companies to fly with, or I will hop on more fuel-efficient jets.

I have been contracted to open a beach club in Ibiza tomorrow afternoon, with the contract only being signed today. This means that I have to fly 10+ hours across the world with little time to organize a flight or pack. Fortunately, I can call my charter broker at any time in the day and book a flight with only 30 minutes warning. On the plane, I will be carrying a large amount of luggage as I am there for one week. A group of 6 of my friends will be accompanying me on the trip, with two dogs also joining the entourage. If I travel on a commercial flight, there is the chance of being delayed, which would void my contract and result in a loss of business.

To conclude, private charter jets are the most time-efficient way for me to travel.

Max and his story for needs of Private Jet Charter for his Crypto Business

Max’s story for needs of Private Jet Charter supporting his Crypto Business

The lifestyle of a serial-entrepreneur is often not understood well, and misconceptions surrounding the lavish-expenses are common. What most people who work a 9-5 job will not experience is their time having a direct correlation with their income. For entrepreneurs, like myself, spending a day traveling is hugely inefficient and costs an incredible amount of money as this means that I’ve missed 24 hours worth of business opportunities. For my peers who work a 9-5 job, the time that they are flying abroad usually is on a paid vacation, so their employer is covering their time.

Private jets need about 8 hours to takes me to travel from London to New York.

Those 8 hours converted in raw labor power is eight individual meetings that I could have attended or around three clients that I could close deals. This does not include the time that it takes to arrive at the airport, go through security, and wait at the gate. I find it takes a whole day when I travel long-haul to get settled and resume my work. Unfortunately, not only have I then paid for my flight, but there is a staggering amount of business that I have missed out.

 Since I’m 30,000 ft in the sky and not able to be on the phone or in an office.

Just for short explanation, my business is relating to high-end cryptocurrency mining, and I have to travel to all corners of the world frequently. Let’s say I go once every ten days on a long-haul flight. Over the space of the month, I would be missing three entire days just on traveling. Fortunately, I do not have to spend 24 hours flying and missing out on business opportunities. Instead, I can minimize the traveling time to 9 hours (instead of 24) and work during the entirety of the flight. So you are probably thinking, how is this possible?

My Experience On Private Jets

Well, thanks to the beautiful world of charter jets, I can travel much more efficiently.

The Benefits Of Flying On A Private Jet

Where do the benefits begin? My flight leaves London at 7 am. I arrive at the private airfield at 6:30 am. I only spend half an hour at the private terminal, instead of the mandatory two hours on a commercial flight. Once I arrive at the private terminal, my pilot and baggage get loaded onto the jet while I wait in the hanger. In most hangars, there are luxury seating, restaurants, and sometimes even showers. However, I don’t get too comfortable as I’m only in the garage for around 30-45 minutes maximum.

Once my bags are secure onto the jet, I then get escorted onto the tarmac and onto the plane itself. My pilot and flight attendants greet me, my party then unwind on the aircraft and await takeoff. Typically, flight attendants are only seen on more jumbo jets and long-haul flights as they cannot fit on light jets. Before my plane takes off, I usually get given some refreshments.

Once in the air, the air steward will offer food, drink, and other refreshments to the passengers. I often place food orders in advance; this way, I can have my favorite meal on the flight (typically pasta or seafood). Placing orders in advance is one of the most significant advantages with traveling on private jets; the option to chose your meals and drinks. Not to mention, on long haul flights, the Jambo planes that are used usually have beds and sofas onboard. This makes for a comfortable journey. Before I schedule a trip, I will ensure that the jet I am traveling on has WIFI and a telephone, this way I can carry out my crypto-business while traveling.

Despite a hefty price tag, private jet travel is often the most cost-efficient way for my staff and me to travel. For my flight from London to New York, the cost of travel can be around $90,000 each way. Between the 14 people on board, this equates to approximately $6,500. Its cheaper than many first-class flights to the same destination. Let make the math, if all passengers on the jet are executives in my company.

Starting from the premise that their time is equally as valuable as mine.

To put all of those executives on commercial flights final result will be to would equate to 14 people each losing 24 hours worth of work time. 

So this means that 14 days worth of work would be lost, comparing to well over the $90,000 that is paid for the flight.

The Downsides To Private Jet Travel

The main downside to flying private is the luxury of having a private plane at your disposal.

This makes it seem very mundane when I have to hop on commercial flights. On the odd occasion that I need to fly from London to Sydney, a private jet charter would be too expensive. When I do this flight, I travel business class on a commercial airliner. Despite the lie-flat bed and great champagne, it doesn’t fair up well to the onboard shower and foundation that I am used to on a private jet. This is the only downside to flying on a private charter jet. It is ubiquitous for friends and family to ask to fly private also, but the plane is usually booked with other staff. This is a downside as I then have to explain to my friends that they cannot travel on the jet, which leads to mild sadness on their behalf. I encourage flying on private charter jets if it is economically viable for yourself and company.

Rollins and Laurie’s private jet charter journey experience.

Private Jet Charter Journey Experience of Rollins and Laurie’s.

Convenience is a significant factor to consider when you want to embark on a private jet charter journey. Using jets tends to reduce stress on the passengers as well as increases convenience. Laurie has always had the vision of flying a private plane for her honeymoon. The dream is finally a reality as her husband Rollins finally makes it come through. The couple who live in New York will be having a three months honeymoon in Las Vegas. This trip will surely create a lasting memory for the couple.

It was their first trip together on a jet, so there was the need to pay good observation of how things are coordinated in the plane while they embark on their private jet charter journey. Some of the noteworthy experiences include:

They had varieties of cuisine available to keep them going.

The couples had a good time together as they had a menu which contains a long list of meals including their favorite tea brand, champagne, and a host of other goodies. It was indeed a moment the couples won’t let go quickly.

Swift delivery was another unique point about the private jet charter journey

The couples came to the location while the jet was already set to move. They got to Las Vegas in no distant time. With aircraft, the couple arrived at their destination on time, and they both loved it.

The company also made provision for their dog pet Gwen with a high level of comfort for her. This provision gave Laurie extra level of happiness as she does not stay a day without her pet talk more of 6 whole months! The private jet charter was the best option for these two and their pet.

Before embarking on the trip, they were allowed to choose their preferred jet

Commercial airlines do not give their customers this treatment. Offering this service gave Laurie and Rollins more interest in selecting the private plane. Every detail of the jet content was explained to the couple before the transaction took place. Since they had the entire aircraft to themselves, the comfort was top notch. Their trip was smooth and fun as the chauffeur came to the tarmac to pick them. The couple saved them from the stress of waiting for long queues at the airport. The couples enjoyed maximum security and comfort.

Laurie was much startled by the features of the jet, and this gave her a new private jet charter story. She had a lot to tell her friends as soon as she returns from her honeymoon. It was indeed a memorable experience that will last for ages. With Pentastar Aviation Charter, Inc, the couple had a stress-free private jet charter journey. They made Laurie dreams come through in a grand style. The service was of exceptional quality and very much affordable. The couple was dropped off at Las Vegas, and they boarded a cab to their hotel to commence their honeymoon.

Oh, what a great experience it was!