What is important to Charter a private jet in 2019-Ultimate Guide

Private jet charter provides better offers than commercial business class or first class flight. 

Most affluent people in business have prior knowledge of this fact. They are surely aware of the disadvantages of the profitable first and business class when compared to private jet charter. For an average man, the commercial plane is more affordable, but the truth in this is not correct. Private jet charter has lots of benefits.

This article focuses on some essential tips on “how to charter a Private Jet,” benefits of private jets over commercial first-class or business class, types of private jets and some fantastic tips by travel experts. You are sure to get some more enlightenment as you go through this piece.

How to Charter a Private Jet

Hiring a private jet is not a big deal, as many persons perceive it. You can take almost the same procedures as booking your regular first class or business class flight. You have to 

1. Indicate your departure and arrival locations

2. take-off and landing time

3. Date

4. Get a broker to give you a list of jet options available and finally, 

5. You have to indicate the total number of your persons will be transporting.

Tips on “How to Charter a Private Jet”

We will also look at some crucial aspects that everyone must consider when chartering a private jet. These factors must not be taken for granted. You have to take your time. As a customer, carefully look into these things to get full value for your money. Let’s kick this off

Safety First 

You do not have to joke about the security of your pieces of baggage as well as other passengers. To get this done, you must take cognizance of modern and latest jets available. Make use of planes that have better technological facilities. Doing this will guarantee your securities, safety, comfort, luxury, and lots more.

Get accurate knowledge of the jet to be used

Make sure the company gives you full details of what to expect while you use their service. Do not disclose your personal information like your name to anybody until you complete the confirmation process. Finalize the booking process before sharing any personal information. These steps will enhance your security and safety.

Verify if you can determine your departure time

It would be best if you did this. It is one of the benefits that should come with hiring a jet. It is of great essence to be sure that the jet company will work with your schedule for the sake of convenience. With this, you will have enough time to prepare yourself and your pieces of luggage for the trip.

Get to know if the jet can land at your closest airport

To ease the stress on you, get an air charter advisor that will make this inquiry. Not all planes have access to all airports. Getting this settled will save you from emergency hassles that might arise at your destination. The advisor’s job is to help you make the right decision

Know your Baggage limit

It is imperative you know the luggage limit of the jet you want to charter beforehand. Your private air charter advisor can help you with this. Generally, each passenger is allowed to carry a personal suitcase and an extra item. I recommend that you make use of shuffle bags to give room for more luggage.

Make use of a world-class company known for true professionalism

To get a better travel experience, I will advise you to make use of a giant in the industry. Employ the service of a company with a track record of professionalism. Knowing the experience level of their pilots is a must. The pilots should be captain qualified with flight experience of 5000 hours minimum. They should be well trained with excellent expertise in simulator-based emergency training such as CAE simulate and flight safety international at least once a year. Your safety should be paramount. The soundness of both human and technical factors should not be overlooked

Choose a company with excellent customer service

You must take this to heart because you need excellent service delivery that will match the value of your money spent. Ask questions about the company, and do some intent research, check out their reviews to ensure that everything is in place. A good jet charter company must understand the needs of their customers and must make sure these needs must provide at all times. Reflection of company professionalism customers can see here.

Make your needs known because your satisfaction should be their top priority. Clearly state your needs to your private air charter advisors. The numbers of passengers traveling with you, the quantity of your luggage, are you going with a pet. These points should be clearly stated, and proper questions should be asked for clarification.

Make your booking as early as possible

When you want to charter a jet, make sure you book your plane as soon as possible. It will give you room for a better selection. You will have access to more varieties of jets this way. Late bookings might leave you with a lesser quality of planes than you deserve for your trip. The best time to book your aircraft is two weeks or one week before the scheduled flight. The charter company will give out their jets as the customers’ floods in. Hence, it is a first-come, first service experience.

With the above tips, I trust that you now know the basics on how to charter a jet. Quickly we will be looking at the benefits and advantages of chartering a plane for private use.

Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet

Hiring a private jet comes with lots of advantages which the first class and business class flight do not offer. We will look into some of the benefits of private jet charter briefly.

Convenience and Luxury

Thousands of airports are recorded to be active in operation in the United States of America. Most of these airports give room for private jet charter. Private jets will drop you closer to your destination. This provides each customer with a sense of convenience. They are saved from taking cabs from the airports to their destination. It is a means of saving time which is a precious asset. Using private jets also gives you a chance to boycott security checks and long queues in the airport. You are also saved from the rush that comes with trying to mean up with your scheduled flight time. Traveling on a private jet is a decent way of moving in grand style and convenience.

Security and comfort

You can never get maximum comfort while traveling on a commercial flight as a businessman. You can hardly focus on your work because of numerous activities going on in the plane. There would be many distractions to destabilize you from getting your job done. With different types of people in the flight, comfort and security cannot be guaranteed.

Another reason is security.

The private jet charter comes with extra security and comfort. If you are an active worker, you can efficiently work while you travel. Doing this in a commercial flight is inconveniencing. There could be spies watching. Using a private jet will keep your information safe. According to the National Business Aviation Association, people tend to be 20% more productive while they work in an aircraft than in offices.


Time is a precious asset to humanity in general; booking a commercial flight will lead to waste of this valuable asset called time. Human factors and technical factors contribute to time wastage. With the use of private jets, this delay in time can be reduced to a considerable limit. It is also noteworthy that the private plane is super-swift compared to commercial airliners.


Using private jets will save you the stress of going through security checkpoints in the airport and other hassles involved with traveling via commercial airline. It would be best if you arrived at the airport very early to get these things in place. It is a stressful process

In some exceptional cases, private jets are more affordable

In cases of missed flights, you have to pay for an unbudgeted last minute flight. This might be more expensive when compared to the private jet charter. There are many advantages of using the jet. It will give you perfect luxury that you can never get from the commercial business and first-class flight.

Availability of Variety of Meal

A private jet charter gives you access to a long list of meals. You can make your choice of the kind of food you desire. The commercial flight offers a limited version of this. Meal flexibility is high when you hire a jet. You are provided great luxury when you travel on a private jet.

Leave when you want

One other benefit of using the private jet service is that you are given the privilege to depart whenever you want. You can decide to leave in the last minute. It is your choice. What more can a customer ask? There are no roadblocks; therefore, your departure time is solely your choice.

Your properties are secured

Using a private jet helps you to keep your luggage at sight. With private jets, you don’t have worries of missing features, and you will be saved the stress of getting your bags checked. Your luggage is secured, and you are covered.

When you use commercial flights, the airline makes significant decisions on what goes on during the flight period, but a private jet charter brings more concentration on the customer. Traveling on a private jet gives you room to move to the location of your choice, and you decide the departure time. It gives you a better leverage

Having looked at some tips on how to charter a private jet and the benefits of a private jet charter, we will look at some types of private jets briefly.

Types of Private Jets

Various kinds of jets are designed according to different purpose to meet individual specifications. We will look at different types of planes; you will make your choice of the flight that suits your traveling need

Light Jets

The first item on our list is the light jets. The light jets are individual jets designed for small groups. Let’s say you want to travel alone? The light plane is the perfect option for you. They also built for short and not-too-far distance. The speed of this jet is outrageous as it cannot be compared to any commercial airplane. The light plane is built to accommodate about seven persons with a maximum Luggage carriage capacity of 77 cubic feet. The average light jet can fly a minimum of 2.9 hours and a maximum of 3.6 hours. The light jets are built to last, and you can rest assured of safety while you enjoy your trip. Light jets are the best choice for short business trips.

Mid-size Jets

The second type of jet on our list is the mid-size jets. The mid-size jets have larger spaces when compared with the light aircraft. This means that the mid-size jets have better height and width. It gives passengers more space to stretch. It is an excellent choice for long-distance flights. The average mid-size jets can contain eight persons comfortably. It has a baggage capacity of 90.0 cubic feet, and its flight range is 3.7 to 4.6 hrs. The mid-size jet can cover about 541 miles in one hour.

Super Jets

As the name implies, the super jets are more powerful than the light and mid-size jets. For a customer who needs to travel on more passengers than the medium-sized plane can handle, the super flight is the next option. The super jets are built with special provision for a toilet for convenience. It offers a larger seating space, giving more room for passengers to stretch. The super jets also provide a bigger room for baggage. The baggage capacity ranges from 82-150 cubic feet. They are well built to meet the demands of clients

Heavy Jets

Are you traveling with a small crowd and you are not interested in using the commercial flight? The massive jet is the best option for you. The heavy planes are built to accommodate small crowds safely with a very high level of comfort. This type of aircraft is mostly chartered by passengers who are going for intercontinental flights. The heavy jets are built in such a way that they can successfully cover a long distance. They are constructed with a 16 passenger carriage capacity. With a baggage capacity of 127 cubic feet to 240 cubic feet, you cannot afford to ask for more. There is enough space for passengers to move freely in the jet without disruptions. You also have a variety of food and drinks available to keep you going through your trip.

Turboprop Jets

Do you desire to go for a short distance business trip? The turboprop jet is the jet built specially to meet your requirement. These jets are built for 6 – 9 passengers. You can decide to make your business plans while you travel. There is a meal made available to give you comfort as you journey. This jet is skillfully crafted to meet the passengers’ needs. They are also built with baggage capacity pf 40-71.3 cubic feet. The turboprop jets can fly as long as three to four hours comfortably. The turboprop jets are cost-effective for the passengers. They can make complete stops within a short period. They are the best choice for passengers traveling to areas where there are no airports.

Safety Aspects

Research shows that lesser facilities occur in commercial flights than private jets in the last decade. Hence the private jet charter has proven to be a better option. Public figures mostly patronize the private jet charter company. This is one primary reason the media attention is tied to it. You can check this out. The primary reason there is a lesser occurrence of accidents is that proper care is given to the jets before they embark on any journey. Every jet charter company has a list of qualified engineers that perform routine checks on the systems to ensure fitness before the passengers aboard the jet.

Companies always keep up with their security standards to make sure that their customers have peace of mind while they embark on any trip. They bear in mind that customers’ safety and welfare are top priorities. Flying a private jet is one of the most secure ways of traveling. Commercial fights come with some unnecessary safety hazards and possess more threats to the lives of the passengers. There are very numerous practical examples to this, but for the same for staying in context, we will move on.

So many broke airlines stress their planes by using them to embark on many trips per day. This is unknown to the passengers. It puts the customers’ lives in danger. They do this for the sake of profit maximization, neglecting the safety of the passengers, which should be their topmost priority. The private jet charter companies sparingly get involved in such activities. This is one primary reason behind the low mortality of individual jet customers.

It is noteworthy that the seating capacity of the jet does not determine the cost of the private jet charter. There is room to choose from available alternatives. The rental company well handles security challenges. There is an excellent reduction in wearing and tearing as compared to commercial flight system. With these in place, the passengers are sure of a safe trip. This is not a significant concern to the commercial airways.

A typical example of a security-conscious jet charter company is jet.com. They make sure they keep to all necessary security standards. They also make periodic evaluations to check if their security standards are still in place.

Jet.com also performs all necessary testing, including the drug and alcohol testing. They keep up with set standards of FAR135 including pilot record disclosure, flight crew time and rest requirement and others. With quality experience in this business, Jets.com’s can boast of a safety officer with 30 years of working experience. They must be registered with Wyvern and ARGUS who are the masters of quality and safety in the ministry of aviation.

What are other advantages and benefits of private jet charter over the commercial business class and first-class flight?

Ability to cope with terrible weather conditions

As opposed to the commercial flight system, the jet can cope with extreme weather conditions. The retail business and first-class flights can be canceled if there are unfavorable weather conditions. There are cases of emergency landing when there are terrific weather conditions.

Jets have this resistance because of their swiftness in responding to a command. They have the ability to change their plans swiftly. When weather conditions become so unfriendly, the jet pilot can make immediate lading rather than putting passengers’ lives in danger. Some powerfully built jets can fly 51,000 feet above the weather. The plane is a better option compared to the commercial flight when we carefully weight their safety potentials.

The jet is a faster option which provides better comfort.

It is confirmed the fact that time wasted cannot be recovered. Statement on place, a private jet charter is an excellent tool for saving time. There are lots of factors that contribute to time wastage in commercial airports. Even in the clouds, the jet is a better option. It can use its speed to go through areas where the original airplane will waste time on navigation. Jets can easily land in smaller airports. This advantage is a significant limitation of the commercial business class or first class flight. The average airplane will have to get a suitable port where it can be parked. Jet can offer door to door delivery for its passengers.

This factor means that the private jets do not just give you a feeling of luxury; it also preserves your valuable time asset. There is a usual rise in the price of commercial flights while their standards remain at the same level. This is not common with the use of private jets. You get excellent services worth the value of your money. Safety should be considered before any other thing.

While we get to the concluding part of this content, we will briefly look at some trusted and tested tips from travel experts.

Tips from Travel Experts

There is a great feeling of excitement and relief when you get services worth the value of your cash. You feel happy and fun-filled when you travel on the right jet. We have been able to outline some essential tips to note while you go on your vacations, business trip, excursions, and the likes. Applying these tips will add some spice to the success of your journey. These tips will help you save some cash. We successfully got these tips from some top professionals who have been around the world. Therefore their experience is something you can lean on if this is your first time of using the private jet charter service.

Plan your trips to fall on shoulder season or low season

We observe that flights and hotel bills are lower during these periods. Experts’ travelers that went to the Caribbean discovered that hotel bill is higher in spring break and winter and cheaper in fall and summer. Hotels in Europe are more expensive in summer than winter.

Low seasons and shoulder seasons comes with some reduction in price. Traveling during these periods will attract low flight and hotel costs.

Where to Stay

Lodge in One Hotel Alliance for better Rewards

There are lots of rewards that come with sticking with one hotel. Once you stay with a particular hotel, your room receives some unique treatments. Some of which includes priority check-in, free breakfast, early and late check-out, open business lounge access, and many more. Some good examples of such hotels are Sheraton, Ritz Carlton, Westin, and many others. Staying with one hotel is a great way to attract special treatment.

 Tracking Price Drops Is an excellent way to save

About monitoring price drops, technology has been helpful to humanity. There are so many websites on the internet that helps to track price drop. A perfect example of such is Pruvo. With Pruvo, you can track drop prices for your hotel reservation. The website goes further to drop notifications to customers as soon as there is a drop in price. This is an excellent way to save more money. You can give it a try on your next trip.

Purchase Hotel Gift Cards for discounts

Purchasing discounted hotel gift cards through gift cards sites like Raise.com. Some hotels give four to five percent discount once you continually use their gift cards. This will provide room for many clients to save some change to their pockets. Some of the verified accounts that offer such discounts include; four seasons, Ritz Carlton, hotels.com, etc.

Using credit cards for payment gives more point.

Applying this tip has been helpful to travelers. When you want to pay for your hotel bills, make use of your credit card. It is a perfect way to gain more points. Some customers receive up to 2 million points and other bonuses attached. With this, some little cash can be saved to cover up for some expenses in the future. The bigger your score, the better it is for you. We have gotten clients that used their points to secure rooms for them. These are benefits that come with using your credit cards to pay your hotel bills. All you have to do is to browse the internet. You will get hotels that offer these services. You will be surprised at the cash you can save from this.

You can also decide to share the Hotel Reservation

Hotel rates differ depending on the hotel you are reserving. You can get some savings by just splitting your hotel reservation. Sometimes, staying in one hotel throughout your stay might be costly. Cutting your hotel reservation could be the only way to save some money at some point.

Employ the service of an excellent Travel Advisor

Having the right agent is one way to explore and save some cost. Luxury travel advisors will direct you to hotels that are very much accommodating and comfortable. You can get hotels that give unique treatments like food and beverage credit, breakfast, and so much more. For example, London has Rosewood and Charlotte Street Hotel. They have luxury boutiques that can meet your fashion taste.

What to Do

Socialize with people and become social

Take time to interact with other people around. Build strong relationships. Some hotels offer free internet WIFI. With this, you can get yourself busy with your social media handles. Catch the fun, and enjoy your stay.

Get engaged in tourism

You could do this privately or go as a group. Please get to know places, visit tourist centers, and make your stay worth it. There are so many historic places in every country you find yourself. Explore sites and create memories of your visit.

Where to Eat

Flow with the local community

When you visit a place for the first time, it is the time to create memories in your head. Visit their local markets, buy their products, and take part in the local activities. Try your best to avoid international brands (they might attract higher cost). If you are with your family, it is the best time to enlighten your kids about the culture of other persons in the globe. Make the best out of this experience. Some hotels offer the tasty delicacy of the original recipe in the form of a buffet. Order your dinner in small plates and beat the cost. After taking breakfast, try to spice up your lunch, go to a fancy restaurant and get some tasty food.

What to Avoid

Extravagant spending

If you want to save more, you have to cut down unnecessary expenses. Try to get the individual cost receipt of every payment you make. By doing this, you tend to save more money. Some company staffs are into the business of increasing your bill than usual, so you have to be careful when making purchases. Make your online booking by yourself and get details of every penny you spend. With this, you will be financially accountable to yourself and be able to save some money. Doing this has saved many persons from unnecessary expenses.

Airport Lines

One way to increase your savings while skipping airport lines around the globe is by applying the usage of a black lane pass. With one hundred dollars you are entitled to

1. past the security line for connecting international and departing flights

2. Help with the VAT refunds

3. Assistance with your luggage through the security

4. Get someone watch your luggage during shopping in the duty-free store

5. past the immigration line for overseas arrivals

6. Men to escort you between airports, gates, and lounges

7. Transportation

With your pass, you can get rooms for fifty dollars anywhere around the world without being a member of any airline company or government program

Ultimately, when you charter a private jet for your flight, you have access to luxury, comfort, convenience, security, and others. You can decide when to fly. You also have the privilege of choosing your landing destination. These privileges are not given when you use a commercial business class flight or first-class flight.

Chartering private jets ensures maximum security, proper time management; fast transmit time, quick check-in, and many more advantages. As a businessman that needs to attend several meetings in a day, you can save yourself the stress of booking multiple flights. Charter a jet and you will be taken to your various meeting points in grand style. Employing the use of private jet charter service will boost your productivity while comfort is maintained during the journey.

With the full range of upscale cabin interiors, luxury seating, and other highly sophisticated technological gadgets, the comfort of the passengers is guaranteed to be top-notch. The passengers have enough space to recline comfortably at their choice time.

A private jet charter is an ideal choice for your vacation trips. It does not matter if you are traveling alone, with your family or your business partners. The general build-up of each classy jet gives you comfort and a high level of luxury while you go. Privacy and security are covered as well. 

Private jet charter is a whole fantastic feeling altogether.

 The wholesome benefits cannot be over-emphasized.

 A trial will prove me right once again.

When you charter a private jet for your vacation, you are in full control of the plane. You can decide to do a fast security check-in at some terminals. With these benefits and many others, chartering a private jet is a better way to secure pleasure. 

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